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PhD research: Social and Business Implications of 'Green' Supply Management on the Retail Sector

Sam Roscoe

Postgraduate student

Sam has worked in the field of supply chain and logistics for the past 14 years. During the last 5 years he worked for adidas controlling the inbound movement of stock from the Far East and outbound distribution to large UK retailers. Most recently Sam was responsible for the set up and day to day running of adidas’ London 2012 Olympics warehouse. This posed the challenge of receiving, storing and distributing 8.5 million units of stock for Olympic volunteers, Team GB athletes and UK consumers. Sam undertook his MSc at the Cranfield School of Management in Supply Chain and Logistics Management and is now a PhD candidate at Manchester Business School (MBS).

The title of his PhD is “making sustainable supply chain investment decisions” and the research question asks what trade-offs do managers in focal organizations make between economic, social and environmental factors when investing in the supply chain. Sam became interested in studying at The University of Manchester because of the opportunity to work with his supervisor, Prof. Paul Cousins, and with the Sustainable Consumption Institute. Sam says that "Professor Cousins is a pre-eminent authority on sustainability in the field of supply chain management and will provide excellent guidance for the PhD project. Furthermore, being a part of the Sustainable Consumption institute provides the unique opportunity to join the leading centre for sustainability in the UK, and work with researchers from a variety of fields all with an interest in sustainability".

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