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PhD research: "Unite and Innovate! Field Evolution and the role of European coating trade associations"

Nichola Hutson

Postgraduate student

Nichola Hutson graduated from The University of Manchester in 2011, obtaining a First Class degree in BSc (Hons) Management specialising in environmental management. Her final year project investigated the desirability and feasibility of Carbon Neutrality as an organisational target. This was carried out in collaboration with Akzo Nobel. Nichola then became a research assistant for The University of Manchester in the summer of 2011 prior to starting her MSc (Hons) in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Manchester Business School. It was here Nichola furthered her interests in sustainability, undertaking modules in water and sanitation in developing countries, eco-innovation, and basing her final dissertation on the management of post-user waste in the coatings sector. Nichola is currently undergoing Ph.D. training in the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School (The University of Manchester); and is an active member of the Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI).

Nichola’s research interests are in the management of innovation processes and the transfer of capabilities within institutions and firms; innovation systems; institutional field theory; eco-innovation and institutional innovation; sustainable practices and carbon; project planning in developing countries; sustainable production and consumption (international studies); and knowledge management.

Her Ph.D. thesis concerns an analysis and understanding of how and why institutional innovation of the European coatings sector evolved in the cases of TBT, VOCs and Solvents; and exploring the role of meta-organizations [Sectoral Trade Associations] in facilitating this innovation process through a field-level analysis.

Other Relevant Information:

Teaching/Research Assistant Work - 2013 (present)

Seminar Leader at UG level:

Level 3: The International Management of Knowledge & Technology

Level 2: Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

Level 2: Sustainable Innovation Management

Research Assistant for:

The Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI): investigating the use of data text-mining tools for exploring the evolution of eco-innovation in different industrial sectors

The Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) and Manchester Business School (MBS) collaborative work with Shanghai University: investigating the market structure and supply chain of China's dairy and vegetable markets

Research Title: "Unite and Innovate! Field Evolution and the role of European coating trade associations"

Type of Study: Full Time

Her supervisors are Professor Andrew McMeekin and Dr Paul Dewick.

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