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PhD research: Global environmental governance - a case study of tour operator approaches to climate change mitigation

Melanie Stroebel

Postgraduate student

Melanie holds an undergraduate degree in Tourism Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten, Germany. During her studies she became interested in the impacts of tourism on the environment and more sustainable forms of tourism. She continued postgraduate education at the University of Queensland, Australia, where she received a Masters in Environmental Management (Environmental Tourism). After her graduation, Melanie worked for an international consulting company. During this time, she undertook further study in Environmental Sciences at FernUniversität Hagen and Fraunhofer Institut UMSICHT.

Melanie's doctoral research investigates climate change mitigation approaches of transnational tour operators. It is located within the global environmental governance debate and focuses on privatised and market-based forms of governance and the notion of corporate social responsibility. Using a case study approach, it investigates forms and underlying motivations of self-regulation. Results will contribute to the debate on state-regulation and voluntary regulation as suitable approaches to

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