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Strategies in product take-back and recovery

Marta Jakowczyk

Postgraduate Student

Marta has been a PhD student at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering and a member of Centre for Doctoral Training since 2012, having previously been enrolled at a summer internship at The University of Manchester, in which she focused on the obstacles to remanufacturing.

Before coming to Manchester she graduated with a First Class Honours MSc degree in Logistics from Poznan University of Technology, Poland. Her main focus was on Operation Management, with an emphasis placed on production planning, material flow and capacity/cost estimation for machines and workers.

While developing her Master's dissertation, she applied her research skills in a real case study for an international manufacturer: She created her own concept for an e-procurement solution, which aimed to improve collaboration with suppliers and initiate a paperless internal workflow supporting the sustainable goals of the organisation.

Prior to finalising her Master's, she completed a BSc degree in Management Engineering from the same institution and gained technical and managerial knowledge. During that time she worked for a variety of manufacturing and logistics companies. She was also involved in the McKinsey Ambassador Program.

Marta’s PhD project focuses on reverse supply chain. More specifically, her thesis examines companies’ participation in product recovery activities and difficulties that they face in product take-back and reuse. Marta considers operational issues, legislation and relationships management. Moreover, another aspect of her research involves marketing issues related to refurbished products.

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