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Dr Julia Kasmire

Research Associate

Julia Kasmire joined the Alliance Manchester Business School and the Sustainable Consumption Institute in May 2016 as a Research Associate. Her current research focuses on understanding, modeling and visualizing regeneration and change within regional and industrial clusters. To do this, she first interprets the evolutionary processes acting on complex socio-technical systems as sequences of events according to process philosophy. She then builds agent-based and network graphs in order to examine and visualize the complex and adaptive changes within the system.

Julia completed her PhD on managing a transition to sustainability within the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector in 2015 at Delft Technical University. That research involved modeling the diffusion of innovations throughout complex socio-technical systems made up of heterogeneous actors with inconsistent information, conflicting goals and shifting pressures.

Julia's research interests include complexity, chaotic behaviors, domain-neutral evolutionary algorithms, industrial change, the philosophy of sustainability and agent-based modeling as a tool for examining nebulous theoretical constructs. 

Selected documents