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PhD Research: Just Footprints: Distributing Ecological Space across Species, Place and Time

Anna Wienhues

Postgraduate Student


Anna holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from the University of Essex and an MSc in Global Governance and Ethics from the University College London, where she received the prize for the ‘best dissertation’ of the Global Governance and Ethics programme in 2014. She then commenced her PhD studies in Politics funded by a stipend as a graduate teaching assistant at Keele University. In January 2016 she transferred her studies to the SCI.

Research Project

Her research is located in the field of political theory with particular interest in distributive environmental and ecological justice in the context of sustainability. The focus is thereby on the relationship between justice in and to the environment,  the question regarding what is a just distribution of ecological space on the global level and the potential of the ecological footprint indicator to embody a ‘tool’ for justice.

Teaching Experience

Anna has been a teaching assistant for the undergraduate courses ‘the politics of sustainability’ and ‘environmental politics and policy’ at Keele University.


Dr Sherilyn MacGregor and Professor John O’Neill

Selected documents