Warde, A. (2012) ‘Pierre Bourdieu’ & ‘Guides gastronomique’, in Poulain, J-P. (ed.) Dictionnaire des Cultures Alimentaires, Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, pp. 193-198 and pp. 659-663.

A new object enriches the investigation humanities field: the "fact food?". This dictionary is the first to expose the diversity and richness of meaning that this expression holds.

Think food, it is naturally up to the heart of cultural and social dialectics: those local and global, authentic and standardization of commodities, the symbolic and the real, of animality and humanity.

Donate to the deprivation of aid to the food weapon, malnutrition fattening of wild pansy industrial rationality, nutritional genetics and nutritional genomics, the herbivore mad cow disease, the fast-food restaurant, the need to eat ... ritual is dependent on a culture.

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