Evans, D., Campbell, H. & Murcott, A. (eds.) (2013) Waste Matters: New Perspectives on Food and Society, Wiley-Blackwell.

This book offers the first framing of potential social science approaches to the compelling and yet hugely under-researched topic of food waste.

  • Shows how the profile of waste has suddenly increased as a topic of sociological relevance and extends these developments to analyses of food

  • Conceptualises waste as a dynamic category and one that plays an important role in processes of cultural and economic organisation

  • Brings together theoretical and empirical contributions from a range of disciplinary perspectives

  • Engages with food waste in a number of contexts and at a variety of scales

  • Explores issues such as the regulation and governance of food systems; the materiality of foodstuffs and associated technologies; the dynamics of social practices and what goes on in domestic kitchens; the ways in which food and waste are circulated in societies; dumpster diving and freeganism, and socio-technical innovations for waste reduction

  • Demonstrates how food waste is a useful lens through which to tend to a number of contemporary issues within sociology and social theory

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