Bennett, T., Gayo-Cal, M., LeRoux, B., Rouanet, H., Savage, M., Silva, E., Warde, A. & Wright, D. (2013) 'Distinction Revisited: Mapping British lifestyles in 2003', in Coulangeon, P. & Duval, J. (eds.) Trente ans après la Distinction, Paris: La Découverte, pp. 179-205.

Since its release in 1979, the book of Pierre Bourdieu, Distinction, is the subject of lively debate. Uncovering the social determinants of our tastes and our choices in a variety of areas (culture, food, politics ...) and it shows the "class struggle" at work in the most everyday judgments. He shakes simultaneously routines research in the social sciences. From the 1980s, the debate took an international turn. Today Distinction is the book of sociology most cited in the world and continues to fuel discussions.

This book takes stock of his posterity and their news. High culture she plays in contemporary societies, the same role that thirty years ago? How to raising the general level of education, the development of mass unemployment, or the increasing spatial segregation, they affected the relationship between social groups? And we learn foreign sociologists transposing the theoretical framework of the Distinctionà other national contexts?

By bringing together some thirty specialists, French and foreign, this book invites us to reflect the changes that our societies work and simultaneously unique destiny (albeit ironic) of Distinction and the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu in contemporary social sciences.

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